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Superior Technology
The distinctive "Design & Engineering" capabilities developed by ALUPLEX are one of its main strengths. It is the key controlling factor of focus in the overall concept of the facade which is completely engineered by our in-house team of designers and engineers who, along with our manufacturing and erection engineers, aid the architects and customers in realising their concepts. We have several computer aided drawing and finite element analysis workstations operated by our design team, who have been internationally exposed by our global associates in Australia, China, England, Italy, Thailand and the Middle East.

Our team is continually updated on the latest tools, technologies, and certifications in the industry to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality products and services.

Some important training areas are:
  • Design Principles
  • Modes of Failure
  • Design Loads
  • Thermal Loads
  • Tolerances and Movement
  • Deflection Criteria
  • Failure Stresses
  • Buckling Modes
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Creep Movement
  • LEED / Thermal Coefficients and U values
  • LEED/ Glass Emissivity

Additionally, ALUPLEX carries out active research in the use of harnessing Solar Energy by incorporating the use of thin film PV cells in the facade. Unlike traditional facades, ALUPLEX active facades can be completely transparent, thus reducing the need for artificial light.
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