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Bolted Glass Assemblies

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Bolted Glass Assemblies
This is a structural glass assembly consisting of a series of specially processed glass panes, bolted together at their corners by means of ‘spider fittings’ or ‘metal patch fittings’ along with silicone sealant at the pane-to-pane joints. The minimization of metal framing members creates an effect of transparency that forms a natural and artistic blend between the indoor space and the outdoor environment. Different methods can be used to support the dead-load of the system and to provide lateral stiffness against wind-loading. Depending on the method used, the system is sub-divided into:


The glass facade and glass fin is connected using stainless steel spiders. The top of the glass panels/fins are supported at the top, in order to withstand the dead-load of the system, either using bolts/welds (if steel) or anchor-fasteners (if concrete). Consecutive Glass fins are connected using bolted splice plates.

Tension Rod System

 Tension Rod System: The composite structure is set up with the of ‘tension rods’ (stainless steel pipe structural members designed to always be in tension). The tension-rod structure withstands the exterior loading on the glass facade.

Steel Structure System

All the loading on the glass facade is transferred by means of stainless steel ‘spider fittings’ to a steel structure erected independently behind the facade.

Cable System

A system of geometric non-linearity is set-up with the use of pre-stressed tensile cables that withstand the exterior loading on the facade system. The vertical cable also withstands the dead-load of the system.
This system is further subdivided into Cable Truss Systems and Cable Net Systems.
  • Cable Net Systems: The structure is based on the principle of the tennis racket, using a single–layer plane cable net structure (horizontal and vertical pre-stressed tensile cables), thus producing rigidity to withstand the exterior load.
  • Cable Truss Systems: The structure uses a horizontal plane cable truss to withstand the exterior wind-load. The vertical cable plays a stabilizing role and takes the dead-load of the glass facade.
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