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Double Skinned Facade

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Double Skinned Facade
The double-skinned curtain wall (thermal shaft curtain wall) is based on the principle of ventilation and aims to conserve energy as well as protect the internal environment.

As indicated by the term "double skin" such a facade is intended to mean a system in which two "skins" - two layers of glass - are separated by a significant amount of air space, that is to say, a second glass facade is placed in front of the first. This systems enables air to circulate between the cavity of the two facades, providing excellent air circulation. The type of double skin facade then determines the type of air circulation.


It consists of an outer curtain wall, an inner curtain wall, a sun-shading device, an air inlet device and an air outlet device monitored by an intelligent control system. During summer, the internal air outlet is opened at the lower end of the double-skinned shaft, so that the warm air rises and vents out of the outdoor outlet at the top, thus producing a cooling ventilation system. Additionally, during the winter months, air in the inter-skin shaft is heated by the green-house effect and then let into the internal environment, thus producing a heating ventilation system.


  • Fresh air is let in from the inlet device, and foul air is exhausted via means of the outlet device, thus preventing the indoor penetration of dust.
  • There is better thermal insulation, leading to savings in energy costs.
  • Better Acoustic Insulation and prevention of external noise, leads to a better working environment.
    • Reducing heating energy requirements
    • Reducing cooling energy requirements
    • Exploiting solar power
    • Natural ventilation
    • Reduced wind load
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Double Skinned Facade
Double Skinned Facade
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