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Mahindra Satyam, Hyderabad

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  • Satyam Computers Hyderabad
  • Satyam Computers Hyderabad
This complex but very well designed structure is an architect’s dream & a facade engineer’s nightmare.

The various elements of this Super Structure are in difficult shapes, returns, three dimensional curves etc. and was achieved with the use of various custom designed systems for each one of them.

The roof cladding in Metallic Red ACP was designed with a fully sealed & structurally glazed cladding system with insulated panels underneath the ACP cladding.

The auditoriums on the lower levels of the building look like a alien space craft and is 100% covered with specially designed glazing system incorporating glass & ACP cladding.

The sloped & curved 3 dimensional units on the either ends of the building, with a combination of clear & ceramic coated glass panels in DGU, were provided with fully glazed semi unitized system. It required a high degree of designing, engineering and 3D modeling of the structure before producing the same. The highly skilled installation team of Aluplex was engaged in execution of the same at site and the final outcome of the product is a proof our Execution skills & strength.

The entrance area features sensor operated doors from Dorma and a huge canopy in structural steel with glass mounted on SS spider fittings.

The central bridge connecting the 2 blocks is actually the client’s corporate office which is beautifully glazed and clad to cover the massive structural steel structure which holds the entire floor.

The other areas of the building have also been carried out with semi unitized system and are in different shapes of curves & slopes. The entire glazing is provided with an interesting combination of High performance Low E coated Bronze reflective glasses, from Pilkington, in DGUs along with ceramic frit glasses and alum comp panels.
Sector: Corporate

Scope of Work:Semi Unitised Structural Glazing /
Bolted Glass

Status: Completed (2007)

Architect / Consultant: Sunderam Architects
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